MVC’s Trail Markers


The first Trail Marker we looked at was that God is calling us to become a people who have a love and trust in God above all. What that looks like in day to day living is that we trust in God’s goodness so much that we are willing to lay down our desires (even the good ones) for his desires.


The second Trail Marker was that God is calling us to become a people who follow the model and teaching of Jesus in all relationships. The way that gets lived out in our day to day lives is that we grow in our ability to love God and to love others just like Jesus did. We also saw that the only way that will happen is if we, like Jesus, first come to know the depth of God’s love for us.


Our third Trail Marker was that God is calling us to a graceful obedience to the Holy Spirit which means that we must orient ourselves towards daily listening and responding to the Holy Spirit’s still small voice.


The final Trail Marker was that God is calling us to be a people who are actively participating in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. This portion of the vision is actually the fruit that grows as we keep the other three trail markers in clear sight.

In January 2011, we completed a sermon series called ‘Trail Markers’ in which we took a close look at the vision we believe God has for us as a people here at Monte Vista Chapel. Our focus was not so much on what God is calling us to do for him, but instead, we looked at the type of people God wants us to be. Once we get that straight, the ‘what we will do for him’ will flow more naturally. If you have not listened to all four messages and the real life stories that accompanied them, I would encourage you to take the time to do so. You can access them below. They are important for us as a church and I have had so many people comment on how helpful the stories were in making the vision practical and applicable to daily life.

But Here’s the Deal

These Trail Markers are only useful if we actually allow them to direct our course. They are only helpful if we willingly choose to orient our lives around them. At Monte Vista Chapel, we offer various opportunities for us as a body to discuss and consider how we might continue to build a community of people that intentionally follow these trail markers. we are not entirely sure what that will look like, but we know it is where God is leading, and we are excited about the journey.