With the introduction of COVID-19 to our world in Spring of 2020, the Elders and Pastoral Team at Monte Vista Chapel have made the choice to improve the technology on our campus in order to be able to live stream our services.  Live streaming is defined as a a transmission of an event over the internet simultaneous to its  occurrence in person.  We are raising $110,000 in order to meet this need.


Why Is This Important?

Since March 21, Monte Vista Chapel has been providing streamable service options because of the prohibition of gatherings on our campus due to COVID-19.  However, these services are pre-recorded and require an exceptional amount of skill and time in post-production in order to be consumable.  This has worked as a short-term fix; but now with our campus beginning to be permitted to open up, we know that many in our congregation will not feel comfortable attending services in person for a great deal of time and would prefer an online option to continue to worship with our church family from a distance.  Additionally, our internal strategic operations review with a consultant earlier in 2020 (pre-COVID!) revealed a need to improve our church’s online presence in order to acknowledge a shift in our culture that has moved the “front door “of the church from our physical foyer into a digital space where people choose to access and experience our church before ever stepping foot on our campus.  COVID-19 has accelerated and magnified a need to develop and execute a plan to that end.


What Do We Need?

On May 18, 2020 we announced via a Town Hall Zoom Meeting that our Elder Board unanimously moved to ask the congregation to raise $110,000 above and beyond our General Fund budget for 2020 in order to improve our technology on campus and provide these additional opportunities to engage in worship to our congregation and community.  For a more detailed look at our plan, you can see our purchase list and detailed budget by clicking here.


While our Elder Board and Pastoral Team understands this is not an ideal time to raise money, we also believe that God has brought us to this place and so our choice is to lean into his leading.  We are grateful for your generosity and ongoing partnership.  Thank you for considering a gift to help our church reach its goal.

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