Follow up and Homework from Gathering 6 (retreat)

 In Journey Cohort 2

Hello fellow Journey-mates! (still trying to find a name that works…)


I am obviously late in my post-gathering follow-up blog!  With all that is going on in response to COVID-19, I thought there might be a bit more clarity as a few days passed, but that’s not happening, so we will go with what we have!


First, it was great to be together at the retreat.  I don’t know why, as it happens every time, but I am still struck by how God moves when we give him some space.  I heard many stories of how you bumped into Jesus, some in response to what we were processing as a group and some simply because God wanted to meet you right where you are.  So good.


As some of you will have extra time on your hands, and others may feel the need to review what it means to live out of your true self, the teaching videos available for you.  (Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning)  Sheryl also wanted me to share a helpful resource regarding the different attachment realities we face (secure, avoidant, disordered…).  Also, if you would like to read the homework for our next gathering on the false self, chapter 3 of ‘When the Heart Waits’ is a great place to start.  For those of you who love to read (or are overachievers in general) you can also read the entire book, along with Mulholland’s ‘The Deeper Journey’.


As far as the next gathering, at this point, it looks like it will be postponed until May 3.  Fortunately, we added an extra month for Cohort 2, so if everything settles, we will be able to proceed without much of a hitch.  If we still are unable to meet in May, my guess is that all of us will be more familiar with online gatherings by then, which will make an online Journey gathering pretty easy!  Between then and now, I will be interacting with the small group facilitators to see how they might be able to use technology (zoom, skype, etc.) to touch base.


Finally, during this unsettling season, I invite you to put into practice what we have been working through in The Journey.  Take some time to review where we have been and listen to where God may be inviting you to live out of your true self… a beloved child of the Most High.  As you live into that reality, you will be a light in these unsettled times!