Follow-up and Homework from Gathering 5

 In Journey Cohort 2

Hello everyone!


I’m sorry this post is up so late.  The website was down for a couple days due to maintenance, which meant I couldn’t post when I normally do.  And then life happened!


Anyway, it was good to be together again.  Here is a bullet point summary of our time together.


  • We began with a new Breath Prayer from Augustine. “May I know you.  May I know myself.”
  • Next, in our teaching time, Sheryl introduced the four circles of our self, moving from the center outward.
    • God in us / Holy Spirit
    • Beloved child
    • Unique self
    • Unique body
  • Sheryl then shared a personal story of how a circumstance she encountered triggered a significant emotional response. Anger, sorrow, judgment, pride, and many other emotions were all mixed together.  She then helped us understand how to be present and ‘welcome’ those emotions, both the pleasant and not-so-pleasant ones. Once present with her emotions, she helped us see how they serve as catalysts for interacting with God about how he may want to comfort, heal, challenge, and grow us.
  • Out of that story, one of the tools we learned to help us cooperate with God was Welcoming Prayer.  Here are two forms of it:  Welcome Love and  Welcome Vulnerability.
  • We were then dismissed for a half hour to individually work through some Personal Reflection Questions.
  • Next, we gathered in our small groups to process the teaching, reflection questions and anything that may have surfaced from our reading.
  • We wrapped up the session with time for Q&A and an introduction of our homework.
    • Continue practicing 10 minutes of silence
    • Regularly practice Augustine’s Breath Prayer. “May I know you.  May I know myself.”
    • Corporate practices are available on Wednesday mornings at 6:30am in the library.
    • Read Chapters 1-4 of Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning in order to prepare for our retreat, which is coming up March 6-8!
    • Also, if you would like to see Sheryl’s teaching, click here for the video from last year!


The retreat marks the halfway point for the Journey!  I am so grateful for the choice you have made, and continue to make to intentionally follow Jesus.  I know that there are times where it seems like this process is profoundly helpful, and then there are times where you wonder why you are doing this in the first place!  Know that is normal.  Continue to faithfully show up and engage, and God will  do the same!