Funeral Ministry

geranium funeral

Dealing with the death of someone close to you is difficult. We make our facility available to members and regular attenders of MVC for times such as this. We know that planning the details of a funeral can be overwhelming, and we would like to assist you in any way we can. If you would like to arrange to have a funeral at MVC, please contact Nancy Rapp at (209) 634-4953 or email

Location and Pastor to Officiate

We try to make our facility available to attenders of MVC for times such as this, but because we share our space with partner organizations, we have limited availability. Please call or email for more information regarding booking the facility of having a pastor officiate.


You may bring instrumentalists and vocalists in for your service, but they are not provided by the church. You may also use music on a CD or flash drive. If you choose to have a congregational hymn, we can have the words available for you.

Technical Support

If a staff member is not available during your service, there is a charge to hire a sound technician.


A program will be provided for the service at no charge to you. We will ask for any information you would like included.


You will need to arrange for flowers for the funeral. Afterward you may take the floral arrangements home or give them to family members. No flowers may be left at the church.


We will provide a light lunch or refreshments for members or attenders involved in community life here at MVC. Families may also choose to provide their own food or have it catered.

Private Room

A private room will be provided for you and your family the day of the service.

Suggested Order of the Service

Music (background music before service: CD, flash drive or piano)

Opening Prayer (Pastor/family/friend)

Song (optional)

Euolgy (family/friend)

Life in Pictures (slide show)

Scripture (Pastor/family/friend)

Message (Pastor)

Song (optional)

Closing/Benediction (Pastor)

Music (optional)