Journey Gathering 3 homework and resources

 In Journey Cohort 2

Hello everyone!


Coming to know and accept myself as a beloved child of God is one of the most important movements in my 40 + years of following Jesus.  Rather than striving to be accepted and valued, which is an exhausting way to live, I am learning, more and more to live out of the reality that I am already accepted and valued by God.  God’s inexhaustible grace rather than self-effort is becoming the fuel for my life… and it is a much freer life indeed.

As I said Sunday afternoon, I cannot encourage you enough to lean into this foundational truth.  As Brennan Manning said in the video we watched, trust that God loves you completely… just as you are.  In order to facilitate that movement, there are a few things I encourage you to do.


  1. Listen to the Brennan Manning clip a few times.  He puts to words some important truths.  You can find it by clicking here, or by watching the teaching video from Sunday.
  2. Practice a Visio Divina with the picture of Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son painting. (If you didn’t pick one up on Sunday, you can simply google the image)
  3. Listen to Brene Brown’s Ted Talk on shame.
  4. In preparation for next month’s gathering, read Cultivating a Listening Heart from When the Soul Listens by Jan Johnson.
  5. Feel free to participate in our corporate practices which are held on Wednesday mornings from 6:30 – 6:50 in the church library.
  6. Because it was mentioned in the Q&A, here is a link to download my dissertation.  It may be helpful for some who struggle with an angry God.

Know that I, and your small group leaders are praying for you in this journey, and we are always open for a conversation, so don’t hesitate to reach out!