The Tabernacle Experience

at Monte Vista Chapel

October 20 – 29 2023 : 12-7 p.m. daily

What Is The Tabernacle Experience

One step inside the Tabernacle Courtyard will translate you into Old Testament times. You will experience a day in the life of an Old Testament priest as you engage in the duties and rituals within the Tabernacle.

First, you will be ‘clothed’ in the White Linen Garment of the priest. At the Altar of Burnt Offering you will lay your sacrifice on its consuming fire. You’ll approach the Laver and wash your hands in preparation for the work of The LORD. At the Lampstand you’ll light an oil lamp and participate in Communion at The Table of Bread. The smoke rising at The Altar of Incense will heighten your senses and remind you that your prayers ascend to the very throne of God. As you draw back the Curtain and enter The Most Holy Place your journey will culminate before the Ark of The Covenant and The Mercy Seat. The truth within the Tabernacle is life changing. The Tabernacle Experience is a tangible, multi-sensory encounter that will stir your emotions and faith in the person of Jesus Christ.

The narrated journey through the Tabernacle Experience is individual, private and intimate. The Tabernacle Experience is simple, yet utterly profound. The LORD’S profound Love, Compassion and Mercy towards us is evident in every aspect of The Tabernacle. His plan for our redemption is revealed and His desire to live among us is evident.

Volunteer with The Tabernacle Experience at MVC

You can be a part of The Tabernacle Experience here at Monte Vista Chapel. Come and lend a hand in changing the lives of people in our town of Turlock by helping to make it happen. There are so many ways for you to contribute!

We will be  hosting The Tabernacle Experience for 10 days!  Each day will require 3 shifts of volunteers. Each shift has 7 spots that need your help. Please click the button below to review the different dates and times to register for a specified time slot. 

If you have questions about volunteering please email Dave Nieuwsma by clicking HERE

Make Reservations for a Visit

Online reservations are easy to make and are available by clicking the button below. Reservations are always recommended as we expect to welcome many visitors to The Tabernacle Experience. Walk-ins are welcome too, however it is a good idea to confirm your time ahead by clicking one of the links so you do not get stuck waiting for an open spot!

School Trips are available as well on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Cost is $5 per person. For more information contact the MVC church office 209-634-4935 or email Dave Nieuwsma by clicking  HERE