Dave NieuwsmaHospitality & Care

Dave came to Monte Vista Chapel in 1998 and currently has over 40 years of ministry experience. Dave is married to his wife Deb, and together they have four adult kids and nine grandchildren. He grew up on a farm in South Dakota and during Junior High, had his family move to Modesto. Dave has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biblical Studies & Missions from Covenant College in Tennessee.  After a long career in youth ministry, now Dave loves to help people find their place to belong and thrive in the MVC ecosystem.  He is constantly a pleasant ‘hello’ and a firm handshake when you step foot on our campus on a Sunday and spends just as much time out of the office with people in our community as he does in the office.  His roles at MVC  include, congregational care, our seniors demographic, community outreach, hospitality and assimilation.


Always doing his best to live life to the full, Dave enjoys naps, golf, the gym, and body surfing. His favorite places to vacate to are the beach or anyplace that is warm, where there is water or a golf course.