Details about the congregational vote on November 17, 2019

Information about voting

  • Vote will occur on November 17
  • Last day to turn in membership applications: November 10.
  • Discovery Class on October 20
  • Q&A about the topic October 27th, 5-6pm in SEB 124


Ballot / Ballot Box

  • Ballots will be numbered, shuffled, and embossed with MVC’s seal. The number on the ballot is a serial number to insure the integrity of the vote and is in no way tied to the member voting.
  • The slotted ballot box is sealed on October 16 and will be opened on November 17 by the head teller after all votes are cast

Ballots: Wording


I affirm the budget as presented: __ Yes  __ No

I affirm the Elders recommendation to amend the Bylaws, opening all areas of leadership to both women and men.  __Yes  __No


Process for voting November 17

  • Voting will occur after the service in the Worship Center
  • To receive your ballot, enter the line that corresponds with your last name in order to confirm membership.
  • Mark the ballot and place it in the sealed ballot box
  • After all ballots are cast (approximately 12:30) the head teller and assistants will tally the ballots
  • The results will immediately be reported to the chairman, who will announce it to the congregation, followed by a wrap-up by pastor Ken
  • A video message with the results of the vote will be emailed to the entire congregation that afternoon.


Process for provisional voting:  (for those who are out of town on November 17)

  • Begins on October 17, 2019
  • Come to the office during regular office hours
    • Monday – Thursday; 9AM – 5PM. Friday; 9AM – 1PM
    • Note: The office will not be open to vote on Sundays or Wednesday evenings
  • Ask to vote
  • Confirm Membership and sign for ballot
  • Mark ballot and place it in the sealed ballot box. These ballots will remain in the sealed ballot box and counted with the rest of the ballots cast and placed in the box on November 17.


Discrepancies in eligibility to vote: 

  • While all efforts have been made to assure an accurate membership roster, in the case of a discrepancy, the ballot will be held until membership status is clarified. If it is the case that these ballots affect the outcome of the vote, any announcement would be delayed until all discrepancies are cleared and all eligible votes counted.