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A Tribute to Daddys – By Guest Author, Karen Barstow


In the early 2000s, I found myself searching for a new church home. The WHY behind that is a story for another day. Since I live in Ballico, I was searching for a Turlock location, and having grown up in a conventional church, I visited all those in Turlock fitting that description, some of them several times. However, I just didn’t find a place that felt like home. I had visited MVC many times over the years with the Cole girls for special music performances but questioned whether I could see myself in an Evangelical Church?


Walking into this huge sanctuary, where there must have been 1000 people, was a little overwhelming, although I was greeted warmly by many. I entered the left front section, found a seat and looked around. What did I see? I saw young fathers, husbands, grandpas, lots of them, even young college-aged men! Immediately, I knew that this church family was ALIVE. Daddy’s, Husbands, Grandpas were following God’s commandment to lead their families! Sitting in front of me (in his shorts in winter) was a young man I had known only as a teenager, now with one arm around a woman, undoubtedly his wife, and the other around a child beside him. It was an “ah-ha” moment. It felt like home.


I was blessed with a father and two grandfathers who walked with the Lord and who
believed and heard the message in Proverbs 22:6. Raise up your child in the way of the Lord and he shall not depart from it. I knew THAT Sunday morning that I had found a new church home.


Happy Fathers’ Day to all of the Daddys and Grandpas in our church who set an example for us all.


-Karen Barstow

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