Birth - 6th Grade

We want children to know how much God loves them and delights in them. Our desire is for them to know and experience God’s love in a way that changes their life and the lives of those around them.


We thank God for every child that comes to MVC and every opportunity we have to introduce them to Jesus.  As a children’s ministry team, we are continuously working to provide safe, fun, and exceptional ministry opportunities for your children.

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10:00 a.m. Service

Childcare and Sunday school is available for children 3 months old through kindergarten in the Children’s Ministry Building (CMB); check-in will be in the lobby of the CMB.

Elementary aged children (grades 1-6) will attend the Sunday morning worship service with their families and then be released for children’s church & youth group after worship. Upon Release from the family gathering, children in grades 1-4 will meet their leaders in the courtyard and be escorted to the CMB. Upper Elementary aged (grades 5-6) will be combined with Jr. High and meet their leaders in front of the WJB gym building (to the left when exiting the worship center).

At the end of the worship service, parents will need to pick up children in grades 1-4 from the upstairs room in the CMB. Children in grades 5-8 will be released from the classroom to join their parents in the courtyard.


Tru Clubs

Tru Clubs are a part of ROOTS Children’s Ministry at Monte Vista Chapel. ROOTS is committed to creating environments that nurture each child’s journey in learning about God and following Jesus. We value teaching God’s Word to plainly display God’s grand narrative–with Jesus being the central character–while inviting each of us to participate in the continuation of God’s story today. In addition to reading and learning from the Bible, we also believe that growing relationships with other Christ-followers provides us with opportunities to grow closer to God. We hope that children who participate in Tru Clubs would walk away knowing that they are known and deeply loved by God.

What Does a Tru Club Night Look Like?   Worship . Scripture . Discipleship . Play

Each club level offers a time of worship, Bible lesson, a time of reflection and guided discussion, plus a game or craft time. There will also be a monthly “Remember Verse” that each club will learn together, encompassing that month’s theme. Themes include Storytelling, Identity, Faith Community, Serving, stepping outside of your Comfort Zones, Responsibility, Love & Respect for God and Others, Knowing God, Graceful Course Correction, and Modeling Jesus.

$10 for the first child in your family. Each additional child is $5!



Monte Vista Chapel values children as equal participants in the body of Christ. We believe that all children are created in God’s own image and are a gift from Him (Gen. 1:26; Psalm 127: 3-5). We desire to partner with parents and legal guardians in raising their children in a way that puts Christ’s love on display. This gives children the opportunity to experience God’s goodness and truth.

We recognize that child dedications do not grant a child salvation —God’s love and grace allow each individual to make the decision to follow Christ for themselves (John 3:16; Acts 4:11-12; Romans 10:9-13). Therefore, a child dedication is simply a public declaration of a parent or guardian’s desire and devotion to pursue the following as they raise their children to do the same:

Grow in a love and trust in God above all else

Follow the model and teachings of Jesus

Gracefully obey and cooperate with the Holy Spirit

Participate in the kingdom of God

In addition to the parents or legal guardian making a declaration, the Monte Vista Chapel Family will affirm their desire and also commit to partner alongside the family.

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Ashley Mutchler

Ashley Mutchler

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