Serve at Monte vista chapel

Volunteers are the heartbeat of all ministry happening at Monte Vista Chapel. Becoming the hands and feet of Christ’s body enables us to see the kingdom of God move on earth as it is in heaven.  Come with us, there is a place for you!

 The Light and Life

Much more than simply a building, the church is a community of people who share the hope and freedom that is in Jesus. Together we hope to humbly display the light and life of Jesus’ love to everyone we meet.

Jesus said “Come with me” inviting us by example into His rich formational practice of compassion through humility. Serving as a volunteer enriches both those being served and the one serving by magnifying Christ’s love both in us and through us. 

There are many ways to get connected through serving here at Monte Vista Chapel. Below you will find buttons representing a few of the ministries with ongoing opportunities. Click the buttons to reach out to the leaders and get connected!

To view a comprehensive list click HERE.


Arts and Worship

“I’ll Bring you more than a song…” How have you been created to create? We would love to hear about your heart of worship through creative arts! In all its forms, creative arts can find a place to glorify the One who created us. 

Kid's Ministry

From the nursery through elementary grades, our children embody the life of our ministry and legacy as Christ followers. Theirs is not the ministry of the future, it is the ministry of today! Maybe you are the one who will encourage  and ignite the spark of Jesus in our youth.

Hospitality Team

Through welcoming hospitality, Jesus invited others to hear the good news He had to offer. We hope to welcome and enfold everyone who joins us on campus. Through connection, coffee or simply “Hello”, maybe you can offer someone the invitation to Jesus’ good news!

Interested in becoming an MVC member?

Whether you have been at Monte Vista Chapel for six months or six years, a Discovery gathering is a great place to learn more about who we are at MVC and where we believe God is leading us. During an interactive time together, we will explore what it means to partner in following and becoming more like Jesus.

We begin by unpacking a little bit of our history, sharing our vision and values, answering any questions about membership at MVC. Most importantly we want to welcome you into what God is doing in us and through us at Monte Vista Chapel. The gathering lasts about two hours and you will have an opportunity to meet some staff members as well as other new attenders of MVC.