Serve at Monte vista chapel

These groups exist to serve both MVC and our community. Volunteering is a critical formational practice that we believe grows both the person being served and the person serving.

Why We Serve

We believe Church is a community of people, rather than simply a building. Together we humbly work together to demonstrate the love of Jesus to the world.

One intentional way to find authentic community at Monte Vista Chapel is by serving. Being part of a serve team will allow you to get involved, get connected, and maybe even find your own calling.

Interested in becoming an MVC member?

Whether you have been at Monte Vista Chapel for six months or six years, a Discovery gathering is a great place to discover who we are at MVC and where we believe God is leading us. During the interactive two hours together, we will explore what it means to partner together in following Jesus and becoming more like him. We will begin by unpacking a little bit of our history, sharing our vision and values, and answering any questions about membership, and more importantly, being part of what God is doing at Monte Vista Chapel.