Wondering what to expect on a Sunday morning at MVC?


We are excited to welcome you on our campus, so please come just as you are!  We are a fairly casual group so you can expect to see people in jeans, shorts, dresses or business casual attire… you get the idea. Some folks come directly from early work on the farm!  From any of the parking lot areas, proceed towards the main courtyard located in the center of the campus. You ‘ll surely find some folks there. Look for the monument signs to help direct you if needed, but there are generally some friendly people who are excited to say “hello!” and would love to help you get oriented on campus.

You may want to get kids checked into their age-specific activities, enjoy a latté at the cart or good o’l fashioned cup of ‘joe in the connections cafe,  perhaps you want to find a seat in the worship center for the service. We would encourage you to arrive a little early so there’s plenty of time to feel oriented on campus, settle in, and meet some kind folks before we move into the service together!


Our service begins promptly at 10:00 AM and will run for about 55-70 min.  Each Sunday we gather to worship through Prayer, Scripture, Music, and Fellowship! Our bell rings about 5 minutes before the service starts so everyone knows we are about to begin and can make their way inside.  During service, we will share a time of singing praise in Christ focused music, a time of teaching in a  message from God’s Word, sometimes we are blessed with a personal story of God’s presence and provision happening in the life of a community member, or celebrating a testimony of Christ’s abundant love calling one to baptism. 

Youth from 1st Grade through High School join us in the worship Center to start our time together. After a time of prayer, music and sharing they will be released to their age specific ministry activities. You are welcome to join them to get settled and then return or you may send them into the foyer where our Kids and Student ministry leaders are waiting to greet them. Once released to their activities, our service continues with a Christ centered message. Some kids choose to stay with parents and that’s ok. SOme parents prefer to sit with their young ones in the library or connection cafe where there is a video feed… whichever is most comfortable for your family is your choice. There is much grace for kids and families here at MVC. We love it when real life is happening and kids are in no way a disturbance or a distraction during our service of worship… We all benefit from a reminder of “childlike wonder”!

After our service we invite you to linger with us for a bit out in the courtyard or café.  Perhaps you’ll consider filling out a connection card, register to attend an upcoming event or find a smaller gathering to explore MVC a little more. We are glad to get to know you!

AND WHAT ABOUT MY FAMILY? What to expect for kids, Students and Adults

We want our kids to be where they can learn best and hear the truth about Jesus in an age-appropriate context that’s engaging, loving and safe—that’s where MVC Kids comes in.

  • Childcare and Sunday school is available for children 3 months old through kindergarten in the Children’s Ministry Building (CMB) and those kids can be checked in 10 mins prior to our 10:00 AM service start.  You can be sure your kids will enjoy a clean and safe environment with our volunteers who  anticipate having a fun morning with your child!  Through age-appropriate activities, your children will begin to learn about Jesus and how much they are loved. 
  • School aged youth will begin in the worship center with their families and then be released for children’s church & youth groups after a time of music and story. Our staff and volunteer ministry leaders will meet the kids in the foyer upon release and guide grades 1-4 to the CMB building, grades 5-8 to the Jr High room in the tower office building and High School to the SEB activity room 124.  Each group has their unique planned out activities and creative lessons they are guided through by staff and volunteers who are excited to be with them.  Elementary kids love the blend between their lessons the hands- on learning activities to engage with.  Junior High students love playing games and listening to creative teaching that is perfect for their stage of life, and High School students take a deeper dive into God’s word with rich discussions around how it is relevant in todays world.  Bottom line, we love our students at Monte Vista!

At the conclusion of our worship service, we kindly ask that parents promptly pick up children in grades 1-4 from the upstairs room in the CMB, while those in grades 5-8 will be released from the classroom to join you in the courtyard.


The safety of our children is a top priority at MVC!  So, every child that participates in one of our children’s or student’s ministry activities gets checked in or registered with all of the appropriate contact and personal information before getting into their classrooms. 

To help streamline this process, you are welcome to “pre-register” your family so check in is a breeze!   If you are planning to be with us on an upcoming Sunday, let us know by pre-registering  so we can look out for you! When you arrive on Sunday, one of our volunteers or staff can be ready to help you get started with your information ready to go!  For help with Pre-registration please contact Ashley by clicking HERE.