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Vulnerability with God and Others II A Small Group Snapshot

The Journey is a year-long spiritual formation and discipleship cohort where participants learn to follow and become more like Jesus in deeper ways. Part of the experience includes connecting with others in a small group. The following vlog shares a snapshot of the movement one group, from last year’s cohort, made towards deepening vulnerability and doing life together.

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The Holy Place of Love. By Guest Author, MaryKate Morse We have a mini-woodland in our backyard, and one morning my husband, Randy, and I could hardly contain ourselves because of the creative antics of one little gray squirrel. He was doing everything in his...

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The River of Life God, the great artist, has painted my life like a river, from its origin high in the mountains where He pulled us out of the crevices, crashing down rocky walls, winding and meandering through valleys, quiet meadows, over raging waterfalls, across...